Uniquely Appalachian Trails

In these parts, we take our hills and thrills seriously. With the legendary Hatfield-McCoy Trail System in our backyard, Mercer County is a mecca for all-terrain enthusiasts.

More than 700 miles of off-road adventure wind through these southern mountains, and it all begins with Mercer County’s Pocahontas trailhead in historic Bramwell. This convenient access point to I-77 has a spacious parking lot and rest area. Best of all, it’s open year-round.

But it’s not just about the trails — we’ve got more than a handful of spots for lodging and dining too. From cozy treehouses to good ol’ rustic cabins, we’ve got accommodations aplenty. And since many of our ATV resorts are right on the trail system, you can unload your gear and be riding in no time.

When your stomach starts growling, don’t worry! We’ve got some delicious dining nearby. Swing by Bramwell for some classic comfort food that’ll warm your soul. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, ride a bit deeper into the trails and treat yourself to a piping hot slice of pizza and a craft brew that’ll make your taste buds sing.

If you’re planning your next trip to the famous Hatfield McCoy Trails, don’t go wandering around aimlessly, hoping for the best. Use our ATV Adventure Guide linked below. It’s a goldmine of information, packed with all the details you need to plan the perfect trail ride.

In partnership with the West Virginia Department of Tourism.

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If you're planning your next ATV trip to the Hatfield McCoy Trails in southern West Virginia, you need our comprehensive ATV adventure guide. Featuring key information on lodging, dining and everything trail-related, this guide contains everything you need to nail down all the details for your next trail ride.

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In partnership with the West Virginia Department of Tourism.