The game of Monopoly comes to life on historic “Millionaire Row” in Bramwell

Last updated: June 10, 2016

King Coal’s barons left behind a legacy that’s yours to enjoy. From stately mansions to elegant shops and attractions, Bramwell, which used to be home to the most millionaires per capita in the nation, still has plenty of delightful surprises:

A Rich Past

There’s a timeless quality about Bramwell. As you enter,  you’ll feel like you’re stepping into the Gilded Age— and that’s a good thing. Thanks to the lucrative Pocahontas field, more than a dozen coal barons called this town home during the 1900s. Beautiful Victorian homes, precious gardens and tidy white fences are evidence of the affluent citizens who lived here. Walk in their footsteps!

Seeing the Sights

One of the great things about historic treasures is that they aren’t artificial or cheap. In Bramwell, coal barons treated themselves to homes that are really works of art. Grab a map and take a walking tour of the gorgeous copper tiles, leaded windows and carved woodwork. It’s hard to find such craftsmanship these days. You’ll also appreciate the individual characteristics of each mansion. Some bear romantic names like “Bryn Avon” and “The Honeymoon Cottage.” Stop by for annual tours in spring and winter.

Bramwell’s old money doesn’t stop with the coal barons— doctors, merchants and other 19th-century entrepreneurs also decorated the town with stately buildings.

Old-time Tastes

Walking through Bramwell will certainly build up your appetite, so it’s a good thing The Corner Shop is right in town! Like everything else, this ice-cream parlor and diner is steeped in old-fashioned romance. Dark wood and gleaming counters set the scene for everything sweet. Soda jerks in pillbox hats serve up drinks from a working antique soda fountain. Order up  creamy shakes, large banana splits and thick ice cream. You can also get comfort food like plump burgers and baskets of French fries.


So, which attraction are you going to visit first?