Historic Towns

Uniquely Appalachian Towns

Welcome to our county, where you’ll find four distinct historic towns overflowing with genuine Appalachian charm!

First up is Bramwell, known as the “millionaires’ town” during the coal boom. Take a stroll along its mansion-lined street and delve into the town’s lavish past on a walking tour. Don’t forget to visit the rail depot museum for a deeper dive into its fascinating history.

Next, we have Bluefield, once dubbed “Little New York” for its impressive skyline. When the summer sun gets mighty hot, quench your thirst with a cool and refreshing cup of lemonade – a beloved tradition since the late 30s. And if you’re a train enthusiast or a keen photographer, you’re in for a treat at the bustling rail yard along Princeton Avenue.

Princeton is another gem, proudly showcasing its rich railroad heritage and captivating tales from the Civil War era. Immerse yourself in the local museums and have a firsthand look at the last remaining Civil War structure in town. And make sure you don’t skip out on the lively art scene in downtown Princeton, where the historic murals gracefully blend with the vibrant spirit of modern creativity. 

Last but not least, Athens carries the weight of history with its longstanding architecture and the presence of Concord University since 1872. Take a scenic drive along Route 20, surrounded by beautiful farmland and a breath of fresh air. Before reaching Pipestem Resort State Park, make a pit stop at Athens, the gateway to outdoor adventures.

Today, all four towns are part of our Certified Arts Community, infusing our heritage into a unique creative character. Get ready to experience the vibrant spirit of our Uniquely Appalachian county!