Experience Mercer County’s waterfall tour

Last updated: August 31, 2022

As spring blooms loom and seasonal rain showers continue, we have officially entered into one of West Virginia’s favorite times of the year: waterfall season. From tall and skinny trickles to rolling cascades from high cliffs, every waterfall has its own personality. Embark on a waterfall tour through Mercer County to find all of our noteworthy spots this season. 

Indian Branch Falls (Pipestem)


Start your trip on the County Line Trail at Pipestem Resort State Park for a glimpse of the scenic Indian Branch Falls. The park spans 4,000 acres and straddles both Mercer and Summer counties. This challenging trek is just under 2 miles and begins at the Pipestem Nature Center. Indian Branch Falls can be found a little over a mile into the hike and serves as a great pitstop. The stunning waterfall plunges 45 feet into a ravine and is surrounded by moss-covered rocks and flora. Several other unnamed waterfalls drop downstream from Indian Branch Falls as the creek continues toward the Bluestone River. 

Brush Creek Falls

Located in the Brush Creek Nature Preserve, Brush Creek Falls is an easy-to-visit, 25-foot waterfall in Athens. The preserve is by the confluence of Brush Creek and the Bluestone River. This spot is popular because of its accessibility — visitors can walk up to the brink of the fall and down to the base, and depending on water levels, might even be able to get behind parts of the waterfall. The hike to Brush Creek Falls is just a quarter of a mile and is simple to navigate. The preserve is also home to many species of plants and animals and is open year-round. 

White Oak Falls


Continue your venture about a mile past Brush Creek for a second, smaller waterfall, White Oak Creek Falls. Stroll down the trail through the Nature Conservancy and admire the spring wildflowers along the way. This flat path was once a carriage trail that was later converted into a small log railroad. At the end of the hike, about 1.25 miles from the Brush Creek Falls overlook area, you’ll reach the second cascade. View the water crashing over large boulders to join the Bluestone River. 

Camp Creek Falls – Campbell and Mash Fork

No Mercer County waterfall tour would be complete without a stop at Camp Creek State Park. This park is home to two well-known waterfalls — Campbell Falls and Mash Fork Falls. Campbell Falls is the larger of the two and is located alongside Camp Creek Road. Campbell Falls measures about 15 feet high and 40 feet wide, depending on water levels. Although smaller than Campbell Falls, this 7-foot waterfall is very wide and just as captivating as the other cascade. Both waterfalls offer many different views to capture with your camera. 

Wolf Creek Falls

Wolf Creek – Route 10 near Spanishburg 

Wolf Creek Falls is a lesser-known cascade in Mercer County but a wonderful addition to your journey! Located along US-19, just north of Spanishburg between Camp Creek and Princeton, Wolf Creek Falls is a beautiful roadside staircase waterfall. The cascade is located on Wolf Creek, which is a tributary of the Bluestone River. The drop is between 20 and 25 feet and is dazzling when it rains, especially in the springtime! The falls can be seen from the roadway, but there is also a small pullover spot for people wanting to snap a photograph. 
Our stunning waterfalls can vary greatly depending on the weather, but spring is the perfect time to spot them in their prime! Share your favorite Mercer County waterfall photos with us by using #visitmercerwv on social media.