Arts and Entertainment

Uniquely Appalachian Culture

Mercer County – where Appalachian roots meet creativity.

Step into a world where the arts truly come alive. As a Certified Arts Community, our rich history inspires talented artisans and breathes life into our lively towns.

And when it comes to entertainment, we’ve got you covered! Grab a front-row seat to a national touring company show or enjoy an intimate performance with dinner.

Uniquely Appalachian Music

With abundant entertainment options, from live music performances to popular off-Broadway shows and more, Mercer County showcases Uniquely Appalachian Music.

Uniquely Appalachian Dance

Watch as the arts come to life in Mercer County, where talented dancers and performers steal the spotlight. Experience the magic across our Uniquely Appalachian stages during your next trip.

Uniquely Appalachian Artistry

Discover the captivating world of Uniquely Appalachian artistry in Mercer County. Witness the extraordinary talents of local artists and explore eclectic galleries on a visual journey through our area.

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