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Horseback riding at Camp Creek State Park

September 12, 2017

Own a horse? Saddle up for wild, wonderful adventure at Camp Creek State Park and Forest!

An equestrian campground, gorgeous trails and comfortable amenities make this retreat ideal for riders and their 4-legged friends.

Your stable away from stable

Camp Creek State Park and Forest is fairly unusual. Unlike many wilderness sites, it’s close to a major highway. This makes hauling a trailer easy. Simply pull off of I-77, and you’re there.

Camp Creek also feels remote, despite its proximity to Princeton. Almost 6,000 acres of woods fill the region. Within minutes of entering the park, you’ll feel miles from civilization.

Equestrian accommodations are another Camp Creek perk. Unlike most state parks, this one has a seasonal corral: the Double C Horse and Rider Campground. It has open stalls and paddocks with space for 2, 4 or 6 horses per camper. Pitch your tent and sleep just like a cowboy!

Friends and family can stay with you or reserve spots at Camp Creek’s 3 other campsites.


Spending the night with your horse is only half the fun. During the day, explore more than 30 miles of paths!

The wild landscapes, in fact, are truly exquisite. Camp Creek has abundant waterfalls, thick emerald forests and dramatic ridge lines. Fall brings vibrant color and cooler temperatures, making riding all day a breeze.

If you only have time for one or two outings, try these:

  • Neely Knob Road and Trail: a 2-mile ride along the park’s highest peak. The mountain vistas are delightful.
  • Turkey Loop Road and Trail: an 8.7-mile path with 9 creek crossings. There’s also a bridge beneath Mash Fork Falls.

Wild animals add to the pleasure of an afternoon ride. Keep your eyes peeled for deer, grouse, and turkeys. Camp Creek’s varied terrain makes an ideal habitat for all kinds of critters.

Amenities for riders

Camp Creek may be rustic, but has modern comforts for humans, too. There are picnic tables with grills, picnic shelters (available for rent) and showers. After a long ride, these amenities come in handy!

You can also trade your saddle for games. Camp Creek has courts for volleyball, basketball and badminton. You can even throw some horseshoes!

So the next time you have a hankering to get away, load the trailer and drive to Mercer County.

Happy trails to you and your horse!

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  • Ronnie says:

    How much does at $ for a trail ride

    • Erica Seibert says:

      Camp Creek State Park has equestrian trails and camp sites for people to bring their own horses. They do not keep their own horses on site for trail rides. If you are interested in that you can contact Pipestem State Park, they have horses on site for trail riding. Hope that helps! Thanks!

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