Travel Matters to Mercer County

Last updated: August 30, 2021

It’s National Travel and Tourism Week, and this year, we’re celebrating how much “Travel Matters” to West Virginia and Mercer County!

As A Matter of Fact – The Numbers

According to the 2018 West Virginia Travel Impacts study by Dean Runyan Associates, tourists spent over $106 million in Mercer County last year, generating $8.67 million in local and state tax revenue.

The travel and tourism industry also accounts for 1,180 jobs, and those jobs produce $26.4 million in earnings.

In terms of lodging, Randall Travel Associates and STR data for reporting hotels found that a total of 207,974 hotel rooms were sold in Mercer County in 2018, and every night $47,082 is created in hotel revenue.

That’s a significant impact that benefits our businesses, our communities, and our people!  

Get A Little “Mud Matter” on the Tires

We have a lot to brag about here in Mercer County, such as our diverse shops, historic sites, music, cultural activities, natural parks, and growing culinary scene, but one aspect that truly stands out is the opportunity for outdoor adventures.

We have over 700 miles of off-road wilderness terrain on the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, so ATV excursions are a big deal here.

In fact, a recent study by Bluefield College estimates that ATV riders spend about three days here, with more than 50 percent of those individuals spending more than $100 per day (of that group, 35 percent spending more than $150 per day). Last year, total gross revenue from ATV lodging properties that pay hotel/motel tax to Mercer County was close to $500,000.

With that in mind, outdoor recreation — ATVs in particular — most certainly are important.

Travel Matters to Locals

Now that we’ve shared a snippet as to how travel and tourism is valuable to Mercer County’s overall economy and businesses, we’d be remiss to not mention how this industry plays a positive to the well-being of those important individuals who call this place home.

Being able to showcase Mercer County to others and share the love that we have for our area to others instills a sense of passion and pride for where we live, and that is what speaks volumes.  

YOU Matter to Us

Want to see more of Mercer County? Check out this video that highlights a few of the wonderful things that make our area a unique destination.

Ready to plan a trip? Let us show you why your visit matters to us. If you have questions or need advice, feel free to call us at 1-800-221-3206 or send us an email. We’ll help create the Mercer County journey you envision. After all, that’s our job! Of course, while you’re here, you’re welcome to stop by our Convention and Visitors’ Bureau located on 621 Commerce Street, Bluefield, WV, 24701.

Happy trails!

Jamie Null, Executive Director
Karen Morris, Marketing Director
Erica Seibert, Social Media Manager