Take a Hike in Mercer County

Last updated: August 30, 2021

Hidden waterfalls, unique rock formations, awesome overlooks — you never know what you’ll see while hiking in Mercer County. Prepare for an adventure and let our trails led you in a new direction. Fall is the best time for a hike – virbrant colors, scenic views and cooler temps.

Check out some of these parks for your next trek. 

Camp Creek State Park (Camp Creek)

Camp Creek State Park , near Princeton

With 6,000 acres of lush forests and over 35 miles of trails, Camp Creek State Park is one of the best places to hike in Mercer County. Turkey Loop Road and Trail is the longest path at 8.7 miles and most of the other trails intersect with it, offer endless opportunities for wildlife sightings. Want to see a waterfall? Take White Oak Road and Rail Trail. It’s an easier excursion, only about 1.5 miles in distance, and will lead you to Campbell Falls, one of the park’s two waterfalls. Depending on the weather, it might be cold enough for the water to freeze, which is a glistening sight to see. The hike to Mash Fork Falls is steeper and more difficult, but also worthwhile, if you’re able. 

Pinnacle Rock State Park (Bluewell)

Pinnacle Rock State Park is most known for the 3,100-foot sandstone rock formation from which it gets its name, and no visit would be complete without a hike to the top. But, if you’re wanting to do more hiking while there, the park has six other (mostly moderate) trails, the majority of which connect, allowing for the option of an extended hike. The entrance to the trails is in Bluewell, a small community that sits in between Bluefield and Bramwell, along Route 52. To access the trails, take a right to Jimmy Lewis Lake. To see the rock and hike to the top, ride up further along Route 52, to Bramwell. 

Pipestem Resort State Park (Pipestem)

Those looking to hike at Pipestem State Park can take their pick between 15 different trails, including the popular County Line Trail (1.9 miles, begins at Pipestem Nature Center), which offers you the opportunity to be two places at once — straddling the Mercer and Summers County lines. Also on the County Line Trail is the Indian Branch Falls, a 45-foot plunge surrounded by moss-covered rocks and plant life. 

Lotito City Park (Bluefield)

Bluefield City Park in Bluefield.

Lotito City Park, also known as Bluefield City Park, has seven trails that spread across 14 miles, primarily in the park’s wooded area. Families will enjoy the appropriately named Family Friendly Trail, which runs about 1.3 miles and is primarily flat with a hard-packed gravel surface. There are 15 nature signs on the trail for little ones to learn about the local flora. Other trails in the park include Sleeping Wolf Trail (4+ miles), Creek Trail (1 mile), Bluebird Trail (2 miles, gradual ascent), Cardinal Trail (2 miles, steep) and Rhododendron (2 miles, steep). The Scout Trail (1.5 miles) was created by the Boy Scouts during a previous National Jamboree. 

Brush Creek Preserve and Falls (Athens)

Brush Creek Preserve and Falls near Athens.

For a scenic river walk during any season, follow the path at Brush Creek Preserve. The land is open year-round and is home to many species of plants and animals. Of course, the highlight of the trail is Brush Creek Falls, a wide, 25-foot waterfall. If you venture about a mile past the Brush Creek, you’ll also come across White Oak Creek Falls, a second, smaller waterfall.

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