Sunflower take the spotlight at Camp Creek State Park

Last updated: August 30, 2021

As summer winds down into slow warm evenings, the sunflowers in southern West Virginia begin to raise their majestic faces to the sun. At Camp Creek State Park, the late summer wildflowers bloom in several different areas.

Follow these directions to find the region’s best sunflowers and wildflower.

  • Wildlife Area 1 – can be accessed by the Turkey Look Trail.
  • Wildlife Area 2 – Take the Turkey Look Trail to the Almost Heaven Trail. This field can be seen from the new primitive cabin. You can also take Farley Ridge Trail to the Almost Heaven Trail, making a loop.
  • Wildlife Area 8 – Take the Bear Wallow Trail.

State Park Superintendent Frank Ractliffe recommends Wildlife Area 10 to see blooms at their peak. The gate is open next to Campbell Falls for those who want to take drive (SUV or truck only) to the top of the mountain to see the flowers. From the top, it is a short walk to the field.

Keep in mind that the flowers will peak at different times over the next few weeks. Wildlife Area 8 will peak in about two week. The native fields along Almost Heaven Trail will peak in a week. Weather can change these peak times, and the blooms. For more information about peak times and conditions of the blooms, call Camp Creek State Park at 304-425-9481.

Photo credit: @wntrdgfrm