10 Reasons To Attend A Festival In Mercer County, West Virginia 

Last updated: May 7, 2024

Here in Mercer County, West Virginia, festivals are more than just events – they’re a way of life. Our local festivals are like big family reunions, filled with friendly faces, good food and that special small-town feel. Here are ten reasons you won’t want to miss out on festival season in Mercer County!

Become Part Of The Community
Mercer County festivals are warm gatherings that celebrate the heart of our towns. Each event is steeped in tradition, reflecting the unique history and personalities that make our communities special. It’s a chance to meet friendly folks, swap stories and feel the sense of belonging that comes from sharing a love for our mountain home.

Experience Our Uniquely Appalachian Culture
Big-city festivals can’t compete with the genuine spirit you’ll find here. Mercer County festivals are a chance to experience our Uniquely Appalachian culture. See, hear and taste our traditions – a heritage passed down through generations.

Discover A Sense Of Togetherness
In today’s fast-paced world, it’s rare to find moments of true connection. Mercer County festivals unite people and give us a chance to celebrate what makes us neighbors. Our festivals offer a warm welcome and lively conversation – the perfect opportunity to connect with local residents.

Witness A Strong Community Spirit
Our festivals are a true labor of love, organized and run by passionate locals. Local volunteers pour their hearts into planning and running these events, showcasing the power of community spirit at its finest. Come see all that hard work pay off with an amazing festival experience!

Savor The Local Flavor
Calling all foodies! Our festivals feature a feast of Appalachian delights, from dishes you won’t find anywhere else and regional specialties to classic festival food. 

Enjoy Down-Home Entertainment
From toe-tapping bluegrass to up-and-coming artists, many of our festivals feature live music showcases. It’s a budget-friendly way to discover new artists and experience Appalachian music.

Take In Beautiful Scenery
With mountain landscapes, flowing streams and vibrant downtown spaces, Mercer County offers a beautiful backdrop for every festival. Take a break from the festivities and soak in the fresh mountain air and stunning scenery.

Make Memories Together
Festivals are a playground for the imagination! Our events offer kid-friendly activities, from carnival rides and face painting to games and creative adventures. Let them unleash their inner explorers and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Support Local Businesses
Festivals are a win-win for everyone! You get to enjoy delicious food, unique crafts and handcrafted artwork, all while supporting the local businesses that keep our communities thriving.

Learn Something New
Many of our festivals celebrate a specific theme or historical event. You might learn about local traditions and historical figures, or even get a tour of historic landmarks. It’s a chance to expand your knowledge and deepen your appreciation for Mercer County’s rich history.

Bonus: Get a taste of summer fun at Mercer County’s early August fairs and festivals! These lively events are the perfect warm-up to the excitement of the West Virginia State Fair, offering delicious food, handcrafted goods and family-friendly entertainment. Come experience the season’s spirit in Mercer County before the grand finale in Fairlea!

Plan your trip to Mercer County and experience a festival that’s more than just fun – it’s a celebration of community, culture and the beauty of Appalachia. Visit our event calendar to learn more about upcoming festivals and fairs.