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Best Places For Outdoor Yoga in Mercer County

April 29, 2021

Inhale, exhale — find inner peace during an outdoor yoga session in the scenic Mercer County mountains. As the temperature begins to warm up, take your indoor practice out into nature! Let the area’s beauty and tranquility reinvigorate you and your practice. Here are some of our favorite spots for outdoor yoga. 

Pipestem Resort State Park

Start your outdoor yoga journey at Pipestem Resort State Park. With 4,000 acres to explore, you’ll be able to find a private area to enjoy your session. Follow the County Line Trail to Indian Branch Falls, a 45-foot waterfall that offers a peaceful setting. If you are feeling adventurous, rent a stand-up paddleboard and try SUP yoga on the park’s lake! The Bluestone River also runs through Pipestem State Park. Wade in the water in a warrior pose for a cooling practice after a long day of yoga in the park. 

Camp Creek State Park


Give “tree pose” a whole new meaning during a weekend yoga retreat at Camp Creek State Park! With two popular waterfalls and a central campground, the park is picturesque and convenient. Spend your time weaving through the vast network of trails in the park to find the ideal scene for your practice. Wake up early for a sun salutation flow at your campsite, then pack up your mat and head to one of the popular waterfalls in the park for a mediation session. 

Pinnacle Rock State Park 

Whether you are stretching out in child’s pose or finding strength in a vinyasa flow, Pinnacle Rock State Park’s beautiful landscape is the perfect backdrop for your session. Known for its awe-inspiring views, roll out your mat below the iconic rock formation for a new perspective of the park. When you are finished with your practice, hike to the top of the rock for a quick mindfulness exercise. 

Jackass Farm, LLC – Goat Yoga

What’s better than outdoor yoga? Outdoor yoga with goats! Plan a day of yoga at Jackass Farm in Princeton. This rustic venue offers outdoor goat yoga classes, leisurely guided meditation walks and more. Goat yoga, known as caprine vinyasa, is a relaxed form of yoga open to yogis of every skill level. While it is hard to take yourself too seriously when baby goats are involved, this practice is a great way to break from your normal mindset and relieve stress from your life. 

Realign your practice to the essence of yoga and connect your body to nature. Get back to the basics this spring and find your zen in Mercer County!

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