Handcrafted In Appalachia: Beautiful Bee Buzzes In Mercer County

Last updated: May 28, 2024

Located in Mercer County, West Virginia, a unique business is buzzing with creativity and care for the community. Beautiful Bee, founded by April Kelly, isn’t your average skincare business. It’s a testament to Appalachian resourcefulness, natural solutions and a whole lot of heart.

Born From Necessity, Rooted In Nature

Suds up with their signature soap. This hometown scent is clean with a touch of sweet. Photo by Beautiful Bee

April’s journey began with a simple need: to find relief for her dry hands. When store-bought solutions fell short, she turned to the wisdom of natural ingredients, a tradition deeply rooted in Appalachian life.

“Each product begins with a need or request from a customer with a skin issue causing them pain or discomfort,” April said. “Many hours are then spent researching to come up with a recipe and thoroughly tested to create the final product.” 

Beautiful Bee’s commitment to quality shines through in its small-batch production. April handcrafts each product using raw, unrefined ingredients, often sourced directly from her family’s homestead and local beekeepers and farmers. 

“Raised here in Southern West Virginia, it has been instilled in me to help others by using your talents and resources,” April said. “I’ve always been excited by natural remedies passed down from generations before.”

A Family Affair: From Bees To Balm

The Kelly family homestead in Lerona is the heart of Beautiful Bee’s operation. Here, they care for their bees and meticulously craft their signature products. Beautiful Bee’s body balm, the first creation born from April’s quest for relief, remains a bestseller. Made with raw shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil, it proves the power of natural ingredients. It also contains raw beeswax to seal and protect the skin even after several washes.

Natural Solutions For Modern Needs

Modern life can take a toll on our skin. That’s why Beautiful Bee offers natural alternatives free from chemicals, parabens and artificial dyes (with a few exceptions for its colorful soaps!). Its products are rigorously tested to ensure effectiveness on a variety of skin types and climates.

“It gives me great joy to share a clean, affordable and sustainable product. I’m most proud when I can match a customer with a product that best helps them,” April said. 

Find Beautiful Bee Products In Mercer County

Beautiful Bee products can be found throughout Southern West Virginia, including a selection at Blue Ridge Bee Company To experience the full range of its offerings, visit the Beautiful Bee website.
With a storefront on the horizon, Beautiful Bee is set to continue growing in Mercer County. Stay connected with Beautiful Bee by following the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages.