Vibrant, creative, and enthusiastic— the arts are alive and well in Princeton and Bluefield.

Last updated: August 30, 2021

Princeton and Bluefield foster some of the most creative talent in West Virginia, and they know it. After all, the entire county is a “Certified Arts Community.”

Come on down to immerse yourself in local culture and heritage:


The locals embrace art wholeheartedly. The Princeton Renaissance Project benefits the town with imaginative events like adult coloring meet ups, silent auctions, classic car cruises and performances. Proceeds help restore historic buildings and other priceless landmarks.

The RiffRaff Arts Collective is a one-stop shop. This quirky co-op features a motley crew of talented visual and musical folks. You’ll even meet healing and performing artists.The collective has fine art studios, a recording studio, a gallery and more. One room used to be a ballroom, so there’s plenty of ambience. Several events run throughout the year, so keep an eye out for something that speaks to you. Odds are, you’ll find it at RiffRaff.

By no means is that all— there are plenty of private studios scattered throughout Princeton, and the streets are lined with bright murals, so take a stroll through town.


Bluefield is a friendly and encouraging place, so it’s not surprising that artists, musicians and actors call it home.

Artist Hal Brainerd’s third floor gallery is located in the Bluefield Area Arts Center. Famous for his landscapes, Brainerd has numerous pictures of Southern West Virginia.

There’s no shortage of intriguing things to see in town. Bluefield was a hub for  wealthy  doctors and merchants during the coal boom. Several Neo-Classical homes set a delightful backdrop to the artisanal colony that lives here today.

Bluefield also has a fine selection of art galleries and antique shops. If you enjoy the performing arts, drop by the Bluefield Arts Center for a whimsical and entertaining evening.


Which artistic spot do you like to stop in Mercer County?