Find peace and quiet at this romantic retreat

Last updated: August 30, 2021

Had enough of modern life? Slip away to the Country Cabin Farm Retreat in the Bluestone Valley of Mercer County. Restful views, old-time charm and outdoor recreation could be yours for the weekend.

Country Cabin Farm Retreat

Set on a 60-acre farm, the log cabin sits comfortably on a woodsy clearing. Large oaks shade the steep tin roof and spill onto the lawn. There’s a hushed timelessness about the place, almost as if the homestead and the valley grew old together. In some ways, that’s true.

More than a century ago, a settler carved a cabin out of the Bluestone woods. Log walls rose, followed by doors and a stone fireplace. The Country Cabin Farm Retreat was born.

Today, it’s the showpiece attraction at the West Virginia Farm Retreat, which has several vacation rentals near Princeton. The country cabin stands apart. There’s artistry in those handmade doors and rolled-glass windows— signatures from a true do-it-yourself era.

Almost as striking is the soothing ambience. Maybe it’s the perky country decor. Perhaps it’s the surrounding wilderness. Regardless, you’ll find that relaxing comes easily at Country Cabin Farm Retreat. There’s a romantic sun porch, airy and bright; a cozy loft that’s perfect for reading; and an intimate dining nook with ladder-back chairs.

At the same time, the cabin has modern conveniences. Perks include:

  • Wifi and TVs
  • Kitchen with utensils
  • Washer, dryer, and bedding
  • Antiques

Outside is just as comfortable, but infinitely spacious. After all, you have the Bluestone Valley right in your backyard! It’s not unusual to see deer grazing in the meadow or a hawk gliding overhead. In summer, you’ll also be treated to an evening chorus of crickets and owls. It’s like being back in camp again. This time, you can stay up late and watch Mercer County’s glittering stars.

Mountain sports and games

One of the great things about the cabin is its accessibility. Two major attractions, in fact, are within an easy drive.

Here are some regional highlights:

  • Pipestem Resort State Park: visit for trail rides, geocaching, golf, bike rides, hiking, swimming and more. Call the park for details about rentals and equipment.
  • Winterplace Ski Resort: look forward to skiing, snowboarding, and tubing at this luxury destination in Flat Top. Lessons are also available.


Dreaming of a country-chic venue? Bring your guests to the farm retreat. The lush Bluestone forests make parties, rehearsal dinners and weddings enchanting. There’s ample room for tents, pavilions and catering, too.

As an additional convenience, your guests can spend the night. The West Virginia Farm Retreat has other homesteads for rent.

What season is your favorite for a weekend— or week-long— vacation? Stay in autumn for glorious mountain colors or in winter for skiing and snowboarding; no matter your preference, the Country Cabin Farm Retreat is available all year.