Partner Spotlight: Imogene and Rose

Last updated: January 10, 2022

“Do what you love and success will follow.” 

This quote especially rings true for Mercer County native and Imogene & Rose Designs owner, Laura Cole. What once started as a passionate hobby, has since turned into a unique and thriving business in Bluefield, West Virginia. 

Imogene and Rose is located in downtown Bluefield.

Imogene & Rose Designs, a custom design and print shop, opened as a licensed business in 2014; however, Cole had been interested in graphic design and printmaking for many years. 

“When I went to college at Marshall University I started working for a lady who did the same thing that I do now,” Cole said. 

As she worked throughout college, Cole found that she had a passion for designing displays and invitations. But ultimately, she quit her job upon graduating with a degree in accounting. Her new career took her to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she worked as a financial advisor. Yet, all she could think about was the job she had back in college. She eventually moved back to West Virginia and decided to take a chance on starting a side project.

“When I moved back to West Virginia I had a little bit of spare time after work because we didn’t have kids at the time, so I decided to try it out to see how things would go,” Cole said. “I never thought it would turn into an actual business.” 

Flashforward seven years and the business that started out of Cole’s laundry room has evolved into a full-time job with a brick and mortar store in Bluefield. 

When Cole opened the storefront in October 2018, she knew that along with the new building, the brand needed a refresh. 

“Imogene was my great-grandmother and grandmother’s middle name and the summer before I opened the store my grandmother passed away,” Cole said. “It just hit me one day that I wanted to honor my grandmother in some way so I felt like Imogene was the best way to honor both women in my family.”

The second part of the business’s name comes from Cole’s grandmother’s favorite flower. 

Imogene & Rose sells personalized items, from paper products (invitations, address stamps, napkins, cups and more) to engravable items (marble coasters, wood serving boards, acrylic bottle stoppers and more). Cole started the business by designing wedding and party invitations, which is still her favorite project to design, but Imogene & Rose has since expanded into engraving. 

“We do all of the engraving in-house with two laser engravers at the store,” Cole said. 

One of the best-selling products at Imogene & Rose.

The store’s best seller is the marble coasters, which Cole notes to have saved the business during the pandemic. 

“Our invitations, especially during the beginning of the pandemic, were non-existent so it pushed me to think outside of the box because if I just continued to do paper, I was going to go out of business,” Cole said. “The engraving side definitely saved us and I’m thankful for it because it all fell into place suddenly.” 

Additionally, Imogene & Rose sells acrylic items that are perfect for children, including trace boards that are engraved with the alphabet so that kids can outline letters and simply wipe the board off when they are done. Find a full list of products available on the Imogene & Rose website

Imogene & Rose is located at 313 Federal Street in Bluefield.

“When you support local businesses you are investing in the future,” Cole said. “The more local businesses succeed, hopefully, the more businesses will want to come into the area which makes it more interesting for the children growing up here, like my daughter.” 

Whether you need invitations for an upcoming event or are looking for a personalized gift, support the local designs from Imogene & Rose. The store is currently open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Custom online orders are available on the Imogene & Rose’s website or Etsy store
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