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Athens was settled before West Virginia was even a state, so there’s plenty of history here!



1848: William Holroyd came to Mercer County and bought a farm 2 miles from present day Athens.


1863: West Virginia became a state.

1869: Residents of the community became upset at the long distance they had to travel to go to Court as the courthouse was located in Princeton. A small courthouse was built in a 4 bedroom log house.


1872: Concord State Normal was established. This institute of higher learning still stands today as Concord University and educates thousands of young adults every year.


1887: State funds allowed a new brick building to be erected. Athens Middle School now sits where this building once stood.


1896: The community of Concord Church applied for a post office. It was then recommended that the name of the town be changed to Athens since there was already a “Concord” in West Virginia.


1907: The Concord United Methodist Church’s building was erected. This building still holds regular weekly services.

1910: The College’s brick building was burned down, so classes were held in any other vacant buildings available, including churches.


1912: The home of Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Ball was constructed and has since been inhabited by members of the Ball family.

1912: A new building was added to the campus of the school, “Old Main,” now known as Marsh Hall.

1918: Concord’s college was expanded with a new gym, residence halls, and more programs of study were added to the school’s curriculum.


1931: The name of the college was changed to Concord State Teachers College.


1943: The name of the school was changed to Concord College. The College is now known as Concord University.