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Local Business Spotlight: Totally Glazed

August 18, 2020

From classic glazed flavors to cream-filled creations, there are few tasty treats better than a fresh, hot donut in the morning. And if you happen to be near Princeton, you’d be remiss not to visit Totally Glazed, located in the Mercer Street Grassroots District. 

“We are proud to be a part of the growth of Mercer Street,” said owner Bob Jones. 

Days start early at Totally Glazed, around 4 a.m.

“We try to get about 350-450 donuts out by opening, and then we gauge the process after that, but we try to have donuts up to closing,” Jones said. 

The shop typically serves six types of classic donuts — such as chocolate glazed, lemon glazed and cinnamon sugar — and six or seven specialties each day. Some signature flavors include Totally Pebbled (glazed with Fruity Pebbles cereal on top), Peanut Butter Filled (an employee favorite — chocolate glazed with peanut butter filling and crushed Nutter Butter cookies on top), Strawberry Blast (Jones’ wife’s top choice — a strawberry glazed with strawberry filling and sliced strawberries on top) and the top-selling (and Jones’ personal favorite) Maple Bacon. 

“About three types of donuts are changed out on a regular basis. The rest we keep mostly the same,” Jones said.

All of the donuts are yeast, rather than cake, and if you look closely, you’ll notice they don’t have a hole in the middle like most traditional donuts.  

“We think it helps make them more consistent,” Jones explained. 

To come up with the flavors they sell, Jones said it’s often a team effort, and that he enjoys brainstorming with his employees to get ideas. 

“Seasonality of fruits as well as upcoming holidays are a factor,” Jones said. “We just like to put a couple of flavors together and see if they pop.”  

Sometimes, delicious accidents happen. 

“We had a raspberry creme donut that was accidentally dipped in the lemon glaze,” he recalled. “It was good, so we went with it. We called it Raspberry Lemonade, and it was pretty popular.” 

Jones and his family moved to Mercer County from Monroe County in 2015. His wife, Wilimena (better known as “Wili”) is a registered nurse at Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center in Princeton. They have two sons, Wesley, who is studying pharmacy at the University of Charleston, and Aaron, who works at the shop. 

Jones got his first taste of the restaurant business many years ago, at a family-style eatery that Wili’s parents owned in Gap Mills called Mountain View Family Dining. After that, he worked for a water bottling company and then Collins Aerospace. 

“But, after several years, I got the itch to go back into the restaurant business,” Jones said. 

He left last July, and Totally Glazed opened in February of this year. 

Although a bakery was the original plan, Jones said that, after some research, they decided to narrow the business down to donuts because of the lack of specialty donut shops in the area. 

“There are a few places that sell donuts, but when we were looking, there wasn’t an actual donut shop between Beckley and Tazewell [Virginia],” he said.

It seems that the choice was the right one. Totally Glazed has built a solid base of regular customers and continues to grow. 

When businesses began shutting down in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Jones took it as an opportunity to restructure and fine-tune the process. Totally Glazed reopened on June 2 (with social distancing measures in place and call-in/text ordering encouraged), and with a product that is even better and more popular than it was when they started. 

“We still have people coming in and trying things out, and we invite everyone to do so, even you have been before but it’s been a while,” Jones said.

Looking ahead, Jones said he is shopping for a convection oven because he wants the store to expand to pastries — think cinnamon rolls and sticky buns — and possibly lunch as well. There’s even talk about an “ice cream” sandwich donut that uses frozen filling. 

“That’s something we’ve been testing,” he said.

Jones added that he is working on setting up delivery to local businesses soon. Updates will be posted on Totally Glazed’s Facebook page

Though still in the first year of business, Jones has high hopes for Totally Glazed and is working hard to make it a success. 

“The positive feedback that we receive from customers keep me wanting to do better and better,” he said. 

Totally Glazed is currently open from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday. 

“We hope that people will give us a try and support a local business,” Jones said. “It’s an investment in our community, and you’re helping support the local economy. Not to mention that, when you shop local, you often find products that are of better quality and more unique than what you’d find in your typical big-box or franchise stores.” 

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