From locally-grown produce to sweet berries straight from the vine, fresh New England seafood to fall-off-the-bone barbecue, you’ll experience a number of flavors in Mercer County. 

Friday (evening)

Start off a delicious weekend with dinner at Patty Joe’s Restaurant in Bluefield. The establishment serves fresh seafood straight from New England. Try a haddock dish, sea scallops, Joe’s homemade crab cakes or one of the various types of Po-Boys. In addition to seafood, Patty Joe’s has soups, salads, appetizers, pasta, burgers and more. 

In the mood for dessert? The new Bakery on the Hill, located inside Baker’s Hill Inn has coffees, ice cream, doughnuts and other baked goods (selections vary daily) that are sure to delight. Enjoy your order inside or, if it’s a nice evening, outside on the porch. 

Ready to turn in? Baker’s Hill Inn has three charming rooms that you can reserve for a comfortable stay. The Bluefield Inn, just a few minutes away, also has six lovely rooms, named after famous figures like Abraham Lincoln, Murphy Brown and Scarlett O’Hara. There’s also a handful of hotels and motels and cabins closeby, if you’d prefer. 


Rise and shine! You’ll need to get an early start to snag the best selection from the vendors at the Mercer County Tailgate Market, located on Stafford Drive in Princeton. 

Once you’ve selected some fresh produce and picked up a couple of other goodies, load up the car for your drive to Blueberry Hill, the state’s largest u-pick blueberry farm in Flat Top. Depending on weather conditions, blueberry season lasts from late June to early August. Before making a trip, call the Blueberry Hotline at (304) 787-3930 to confirm the ripeness of berries. If you don’t have your own bucket, the folks at Blueberry Farm will give you a loaner basket. Breathe in the fresh mountain air while picking through more than 100 plant rows of berry bushes. After getting your fill, rest and have a little snack on some of these “Blue Pearls of Summer” at a shaded picnic area before heading back towards Bluefield to satisfy your appetite with pork, beef, chicken or other smoky specialty at The Big Whiskey BBQ Co. 

Nearby Pinnacle Rock State Park and/or East River Mountain Overlook are the perfect post-lunch spots. Pinnacle has 10-miles of hiking trails and unique rock formations to admire, while East River Mountain Overlook offers a breathtaking view of Mercer County from its observation deck. 

Unwind after your long day at the newly renovated Railyard. On Saturdays they have live music and dinner/drink specials. 


There’s no need to rush home this morning, so take your time getting ready. Both the Baker’s Hill Inn and Bluefield Inn serve a gourmet breakfast for their guests or you can visit another local establishment, including Dolly’s Diner, Valley Country Restaurant, Blue Spoon Cafe (if it’s the first Sunday of the month) or Tudor’s Biscuit World. If you’d like to enjoy your weekend for a little longer, rent an e-bike from Baker’s Hill Inn and take a ride around town.