• *NEW* Haunts & Houses

    A former civil war hospital, an abandoned amusement park, Victorian-era homes and a previously shuttered school are just some of the places in Mercer County with stories of spirits. Are you brave enough to explore the area’s haunts?

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  • A Weekend on Wheels

    There’s no limit to the type of adventure available in Mercer County if you got some a set of wheels.

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  • A Summer Foodie Guide

    Experience a number of flavors in Mercer County with our Summer Foodie Guide. 

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  • Pipestem & Princeton Mid-Week Retreat

    Discover Pipestem Resort State Park and the nearby city of Princeton while visiting Mercer County this summer. 

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  • Bluefield and Baseball

    Visit Bluefield to explore antiques and art with a bit of adventure then discover the hidden history of baseball in Mercer County!

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  • ATV Adventures

    Mercer County’s Pocahontas Trail is at the heart of the world-famous Hatfield McCoy trail system.

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  • Waterfalls & Wildflowers

    Mercer County’s secluded, natural beauty is what makes it the perfect destination for those seeking to recharge.

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  • Museums and  Murals 

    Culture and art thrive in our mountains. Explore our creative community and see what's happening today!

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  • The Millionaires Tour

    Visit Bramwell, home of America's "coal barons." Exquisite Victorian mansions and old-fashioned shops make this town simply delightful.

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