How to savor long summer evenings in Bluefield

Last updated: August 2, 2022

Summers in the south are meant to be long and slow. So why not savor the longer days with an evening in one of West Virginia’s favorite southern cities. Here are five ways to relax and dine in Nature’s Air Conditioned City.

  • Watch the sunset on top of East River Mountain. This overlook, on top of Route 52, shares the state line of both Virginias. The sweeping view showcases the endless beauty of the mountains and open sky.

  • Savor a relaxing dinner at the RailYard or The Vault. Both offer outdoor dining, an expansive menu and some of the best desserts in the city! Tip: Try the overtop milkshakes at the RailYard.

  • Catch a movie at the historical Granada Theater. Recently renovated, the theater will celebrate their first anniversary with a show on August 27.

Enjoy a baseball game at Bowen Field and watch the sun slip behind the bases. Games end on Aug. 6.

Spend the night in a historic bed and breakfast. Our two favorites, Bluefield Inn and Baker’s Hill Inn, offers amenties such as electric charging station, spacious rooms and even an baker