Explore Pinnacle Rock State Park like never before!

Last updated: August 30, 2021

For many residents and visitors, Pinnacle Rock State Park’s iconic sandstone formation is known for scenic wonders and awe-inspiring views. The day park ( no camping) is along Route 52, between the communities of Bluewell and Bramwell.

The rock staircase leads to the top of the rock, high above the trees of southern West Virginia. An observation deck allows for stunning, but safe views of the mountains. Download your own map of the park here.

About the trails:

A butterfly on the Cemetary Trail.
Photo by Buffy Jones.

CEMETARY TRAIL: This trail branches off Homestead Trail near the picnic area and ends at County Road 52/6 near Jimmy Lewis Lake
1.3 miles • Moderate

This trail runs from County Road 52/6 at Jimmy Lewis Lake back toward Pinnacle
Rock, merging with Turkey Rock Trail
and Homestead Trail, which ends at the
picnic area.
0.7 mile • Moderate

Homestead Trail runs from County
Road 52/6 at Jimmy Lewis Lake toward
Pinnacle Rock, connecting with Acorn
Ridge Trail, Turkey Rock Trail and
Cemetery Trail before emerging at the
picnic area.
1.2 miles • Moderate

Begin at Homestead Trail near the
picnic area. Follow Homestead past the
intersection of Cemetery Trail, then make
a right onto the unimproved road that
doubles as Turkey Rock Trail. The trail turns
to single track and forms a loop past a
towering rock formation known as Turkey
Rock before it connects to Beaver Pond
Trail. At Beaver Pond Trail, make a left back
to Homestead, passing an old home site, to
complete the loop.
1.5 miles • Moderate/Difficult

This trail begins at County Road 2/6 at
Jimmy Lewis Lake toward Pinnacle Rock,
where it connects to Homestead Trail. Make
a left on Homestead to emerge at the picnic
area, or turn right on Homestead to return
to Jimmy Lewis Lake.
1 mile • Moderate

This trail begins near the parking area at
Jimmy Lewis Lake and runs the length of
the lake, ending at County Road

Sights to see:

The cabin along dates back to around 1873. Photo by Buffy Jones.

Already a popular picnic spot in the early 1900s, the rock sandstone formation became a state roadside park in the 1930s. The park complimented the newly constructed Route 52. The trails and Jimmy Lewis Lake was added in the 60s.

Inside the park, hikers will find a cabin, built around 1873. The cabin was possibly owned by the Hartwell Family, and maybe connected to the Bell and Butt families who originially owned most of the land of the current park system.

Local historical lore claims that Pinnacle Rock is where the coal line begins in Mercer County. As motorists drive past the rock, they begin a jounrey into the West Virginia coalfield communities of Bramwell and McDowell County.

Today, the park features a small playground, a picnic shelter, trails and a 15-acre lake filled with trout (stocked February through May).