Uniquely Appalachian Flavors

Gather ’round the table and feast on the local flavors of Mercer County.

Our small-town establishments offer a taste of Appalachia through comforting, regional dishes. Find exactly what you are craving here.

Experience the pride, homegrown flavors and warm hospitality that define the Mercer County culinary scene. Savor more than just a meal; discover a taste of our culture and welcoming spirit at our Uniquely Appalachian Restaurants.

Appalachian-Inspired Menu Items

Try these regional specialties on your foodie adventure across Mercer County for meals rooted deep in Appalachian, downhome favorites.

Fried Green Tomatoes 

Deep fried is a love language in the South. Find classic fried green tomatoes topped with pimento cheese and hot pepper bacon jam at The RailYard

Pepperoni Rolls

Created as a lunch option for coal miners, this popular meal in West Virginia can be found in various ways. The Honeycomb Cafe serves them warm with cheese and sliced pepperoni.

Fried Bologna

Jimmies Restaurant makes this southern classic even better with cheese, pickles and mustard on white bread.

Biscuits & Gravy

Culinary historians credit southern Appalachia as the birthplace of this breakfast dish. Dolly’s Diner serves up this comfort food daily. 


Discover the fleeting flavor of this vegetable in early spring at the Camp Creek State Park Ramp Dinner. You can also find ramps in the wild only in March and April. 

Wild Mushrooms

Steeped in the soul of Appalachia, foraging offers a bounty of wild flavors. Learn how to identify and cook delicious mushrooms with our expert foraging guide.

Pimento Cheese

From juicy burgers to crispy tater tots, homemade pimento cheese adds a creamy, tangy kick to any dish. Find it on menus across Mercer County, turning simple bites into delicious delights.

Sugar Cookies

Simple, yet deeply satisfying, sugar cookies are an Appalachian treat that brings back warm childhood memories. Find your sweet fix at Mercer County bakeries and cafes.

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