Fly Fishing at Pipestem Resort State Park

Last updated: August 30, 2021

By Guest Blogger Bradley D. Scott

Within beautiful Mercer County, inside the bounds of Pipestem Resort State Park and deep within the Bluestone River Gorge, lies some of the most remote and pristine trout fishing waters in southern West Virginia. 

The Bluestone River flows unrestricted for 77 miles from Virginia through West Virginia before its confluence with the New River and many miles of this river form the centerpiece of Pipestem Resort State Park. 

From the rim of the gorge, a unique cable car transports anglers and visitors to the banks of the Bluestone River and Mountain Creek Lodge, where plentiful rainbow trout await any angler who makes the journey. An easy walk from the lodge accesses multiple miles of trout water with little intrusion from the outside world. Trout rise to eat flies and cruise through the multiple cool pools of water with little concern of predators in this pristine setting. 

Unobstructed casting lanes with accessible shoreline and lots of trout, all combined with knowledgeable guides who can provide high-quality equipment and insight on where the biggest trophy trout await, make it the perfect place for your first fly fishing experience or for a seasoned angler to spend a weekend. 

Credit Bryant Baker, @johnbryantbaker on Instagram

In the winter months, the fly fishing resources surrounding Mountain Creek Lodge shine their brightest as the water levels and current of the Bluestone rise and move more swiftly through the gorge. The trout spread throughout the currents, instead of congregating in holes, and this creates an experience that more closely resembles western river fishing than the typical stream and creek fishing of southern West Virginia. Many different styles and patterns of sub-surface and surface fly can be effective as the fish vigorously forage the eddies and shoals. Additionally, winter brings solitude to the Bluestone, which can often be hard to find in more prominent state-stocked waterways. Of course, many anglers may consider the chilly temps a deterrent, but Mountain Creek lodge is just a few steps away with a warm fireplace and a hot drink.

Samantha’s first fish: Credit Brad Scott, @the_waine on instagram

A single day at Mountain Creek Lodge is a unique experience but for the full benefit of the resources, an overnight stay in the lodge is a must. 

“You can comfortably enjoy a night in the lodge and wake up right next to the best fishing hole on the river,” says Charlie Mooney, fly fishing guide for Mountain Creek Lodge. “It’s some of the most reliable and guidable trout water in this part of West Virginia … and the State Park makes it available to anyone who wants to come and enjoy it.”

From now through May 1, access to Mountain Creek Lodge is available for anglers only through advanced booking with the West Virginia State Parks and Pipestem Adventures. You can find more information and book a visit through these resources:

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